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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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breaking news in san jose where investigators believe two escaped inmates from orange county are hiding out now. and scattered showers, spencer christian will forecast how much of the weekend will be dry. and looking at the options available for super bowl fans to enjoy in san francisco in less than 24 hours. >> it's safer than living in a tent under a bridge. 100 artists will be homeless after sunday. why their warehouse has been red tagged. and... exclusive video captures the moment one of three escaped inmates surrendered to police today. the other two are believed to be
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in the bay area, good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> these inmates have been on the run for a week, after escaping from an orange county jail. >> they are considered dangerous because they are on charges of murder, kidnapping and torture. >> reporter: southern california officials just wrapped up a news conference announcing they believe two escaped orange county jail inmates are now in san jose. these are the two men authorities are looking for right now. we'll show you the pictures. they escaped from the orange county jail a week ago with a third man that turned himself in today. authorities believe they're in a van. we're going to show you like this one, a white 2008 gmc savannah utility van. they say they're now on the escapees trail. >> i want to send them a message
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if they're watching. we're pressing forward and coming after them. we're coming after you and take you back into custody. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the surrender this morning of that third escapee we talked about. you can see officers walking him to a car with guns and rifles drawn in an auto body shop. that man had contacted a woman on the streets of santa ana and told her he wanted to turn himself in. police believe this woman who worked as an english teacher in the jail may have helped them escape by providing planning tools such as google earth images. she has been arrested. authorities believe they're in san jose and may be headed toward fresno. they're considered dangerous. owe yank -- orange county
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officials are comparing one to hanibel lektor. >> and police say they tracked a burglar suspect refusing to come out of his home. investigat got a call about 1:20 today. they're trying to determine if the man had a hostage. police say the suspect and tracked him to the home on harvard drive. we'll bring you more information as we get it here on the air and on twitter. >> another el nino fuelled storm arrived today. the storm brought rain and scattered showers.
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>> firefighters cleaned up a fallen tree that a man says came down in front of him. these homeowners in walnut creek are still cleaning up damage from this tree that fell on to their home. spencer? >> well, it's still falling as of now. we do have a closer look here and then, aconsiders the bay and berkeley, it's raining now. in the bay view, it's still wet and across the bay bridge, it's wet. this will be the pattern over six hours. we expect to see areas of showers and rain.
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approaching midnight we'll see rain tapering off and less rainfall than we have now. i'll give you a look at the seven days ahead in just a few minutes. >> hard to believe. super bowl city opens in less than 24 hours. >> yes. this is the hub for the events. take a look at the camera over super bowl city. opening day includes a fire works show. >> abc7 news is live at the nfl experience that will open tomorrow morning. lyanne? >> i do think we're los to show time. the party is about to begin.
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>> what may be the coolest party san francisco experienced. super bowl city will have sponsored activities along with lots of things for nonfootball fans. >> music, wine, and food and culture. and there is a lot to do for nonsports fans. >> anyone can enjoy it free. adults will have to dish out $35 and $25 for the kids. it's called the nfl experience with exhibits like rings given to the winning team. there are also interactive games for anyone looking to go to the super bowl. fans can also see how the nfl footballs are made.
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>> you can see they put the bladder in, and lace the football. people do that every day. the average employees have been there for 20 or 22 years. >> the fun starts in the morning. >> south bay cities may not have nfl sanctioned events. >> it's a secret that a lot of people haven't found yet. >> george clafish lived in santa clara 64 years. they hope super bowl visitors will explore the city. they'd be happen yes to teach them how to play this game or check out the statue of st. claire and take a photo. listing things to do in santa clara. roseanne is proud of the diverse
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restaurants. >> this is like a little world. we have all of the ethnicities and you can eat whatever you want. >> we ran into the city owned utility. >> what about the santa clara womens' adobe? >> i don't know. >> we stumped him. it's number 249. >> what is the best kept secret in santa clara? >> normally there are long lines. other cities are hoping to attract visitors. if you take a selfie and post on social media. >> how can you resist taking a selfie with the bronze bronco?
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unless you're a panthers fan. >> as super bowl events get underway, count on abc7 news. down load and enable push alerts. >> investigators are trying to track down three guns stolen from an fbi vehicle. authorities say two glocs and a handgun were taken. also, an fbi badge and credentials. a political scandal shook san francisco headed to court today. two former city officials and a city hall insider are accused of public corruption. vic lee is live with the details on the story. vick?
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dan, most of the evidence comes into the investigation into possible corruption into city hall. all three have surrendered and are out on bail. >> lied and lied. had a lot of money. acted like a big shot. >> that is how the defense is characterizing the agent who taped the defendants allegedly receiving bribes. the former human rights commissioner, a commission staffer and former school board president pled guilty to separate racketeering charges. in that case, jackson was arrested in 2014 along with ray mound shrimp boy chow. the three are charged with
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soliciting bribes and money laundering. they were caught in a wide net looking for corruption among officials. mojajer and jones reportedly discussed accepting $0,000 from mayor ed lee. from an under cover fbi agent posing as a businessman. jackson, whose $200,000 bail was put up by a relative is now represented by the publish defender's office. he says his lawyers have a challenging case since charges go back four years. >> that is very difficult. we have to reconstruct what happened. >> the judge agreed to requests to postpone arraignments until february. a san francisco bar is getting ready to host it's next
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art display. >> it was caught on video. next, a video from the bartender who chased the suspect out. and... >> this is a major problem here. >> you're going to hear from people living near the houses in danger of sliding off a hillside. >> we'll get the accu-weather forecast next as live doppler 7
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we have an update on breaking news on the police standoff in san jose. the suspected burglar just gave up minutes ago. he walked out of a house where he was holed up and surrendered
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with out shots fired. the scene began in san jose is now being cleared. we continue to track breaking news. these two escaped inmates are believed to be in the san jose area. they escaped from jail a week ago. the two may be on the way to the fresno area in a van like this one. a white 2008 gmc utility van. >> you're watching a bizarre mystery unfold. vandalism of art work installed in a san francisco bar. >> the suspect was chased out by the bartender. >> it is a who done it that happened two days ago on a more quiet wednesday. it turned into a not so happy
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hour. we can only guess of the motive but this surveillance video shows him destroying some of the art on the wall. >> next thing i know, i hear a glass break. there is a guy that is going down the wall. >> that is when richard yelled out "you can't do that". photographs of gloves in different settings by a mysterious artist you can't find out much information but they reportedly has a history of provocative acts related to artistic displays. >> jeff said it's the end of the
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show and this was publicity. >> the vandal was smart to pick a day when lenny had the day off. madrone put video on on his facebook page, prompting a response from someone denying responsibility. no word on a monetary value for the damaged art. five homes on hillside in san francisco are in danger of collapsing. sky 7 captured demolition underway on one home yesterday afternoon. that house had moved more than a foot and prompted a demolition order. alisa? >> reporter: other residents received violation notices, meaning they must hire engineers
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to check for has yards. the original house has been knocked down. two homes next door are at risk. so are three down the hill. >> the neighbors are concerned. >> ronald watched neighbors knock down the home. a neighbor noticed a crack. the hillside is sliding. >> the yes is where is this water coming from? >> right now, nobody knows the problem. and worried neighbors want answers. they must hire engineers to check for hazards. >> we're worried because there is movement on the property. >> the gas meter was removed from this house and contractors say the patio is next. >> this is definitely moving.
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>> the water department says there are no leaks but a department is sending someone out to check on the levels. >> we had a gray day to be sure. >> yes. >> it's been steady but it is quite wet out there. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see where the rain is now. we have had pockets of light rain moving in from san francisco, across the bay. not all of the bay area is getting this wet weather. south san francisco getting light rain. oakland, hayward, concord and walnut creek right now. rainfall totals have been substantial. nearly half an inch in napa and
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seven tenths in mount st. helena. san jose had only a trace of rain so far. and we have rough surf until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, wave heights are quite elevated. here is a live view you can see the pavement is wet. will be wet in the south bay again, sunday morning. we may have pockets of light scattered showers and mainly a dry day tomorrow, into afternoon, we may see more showers popping up. so there could be wet spots
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coming tomorrow as well. it will be a mainly dry day. highs tomorrow into mid-50s here in san francisco and evening and night time hours, temperatures in the low 50s. a storm impact scale is what we use to inform you. our next storm coming in on sunday ranks one, a storm of light intensity, in the south bay. overnight into sunday, a wave of rain and we don't expect to it move up north of the golden gate. so will be south bay and maybe east bay event.
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overnight, not very cold tonight. lows mainly into low 50s and tomorrow, we'll see highs into mid to upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. a colder rain and next week, a dry week toward the end of the week. there is a chance of showers wednesday. right now not ranking that but it could intensify. >> football fans might enjoy their next delay
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this video shows a moment one man surrendered to police today. these are pictures of the two. police believe they're in san jose and could be headed to fresno. they're considered dangerous. authorities on the peninsula are crediting a hotel worker for helping them reach a historic convention. jones was arrested after a clerk noticed a man drop off young girls on consecutive days.
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>> this case was prosecuted because a hotel clerk identified something that didn't add up. . she had the good sense to call the police. >> authorities say five young women were freed because of the clerk's actions. a new wrinkle in the uncertain stadium plans for the raiders. raiders owner traveled to meet with casino mogul and it's believed they're discussing a possible domed stadium built on 42 acres off the strip. reports say team officials met on a new lease. the warriors kick off an east coast road trip tomorrow that is going to include a trip
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to the white house. the president also called the team to congratulate them after they won in june. many travellers will get into the spirit of the super bowl thanks to an exhibit inside of one of sfo's terminals. 32 display cases line a long corridor. a 100 year old warehouse has just been red tagged by the city of oakland. >> putting creative individuals on the streets. >> what could prevent these artists from becoming homeless.
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>> and advice from two of the country's experts, coming up on seven on your side. >>
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in san jose there is a search for two escaped inmates in orange county. david louie joins us live with the latest on the search. >> reporter: we're told an hour ago, southern california officials wrapped up a news conference saying they strongly believe the two escaped inmates, they strongly believe are in the san jose area. these are the two men authorities are looking for now. they escaped from orange county central jail with a third man that turned himself in today. authorities believe they may northbound a van like this one,
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a white, 2008 gmc savannah utility van. they say they're on the escapees' trail. >> we have not received information people have seen them in the san jose area but we're confident they're in that area. etc. my understanding the san jose area has a large he vietnamese population. >> reporter: this information about san jose comes from the third escapee who turned himself in today. he says he was on the -- with the other escapees yesterday, but officials are not saying how he got back to southern california. this exclusive surveillance video from our sister station in los angeles shows him surrendering this morning. you see officers with guns and rifles drawn. the surrender after he contacted a woman on the street and told her he wanted to give himself
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up. police believe this woman, who worked as an english teacher at the jail may have helped them escape by providing planning tools such as google earth images of the facility. she has been arrested. authorities believe two escaped inmates may be here in san jose. nayeri is from the fresno area. they're considered very dangerous and if you see them, or the savannah van, call police, call 911. thank you, david, great information. now, a story of anger and frustration in the east bay. residents of a west oakland artists' kcolony have two days o
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move out. the state inspector says the building is unsafe and a public nuisance. residents say they have nowhere else to go. >> reporter: it's an old warehouse, a bus barn converted to live-work spaces about 15 years ago. buildi the housing houses 100 people who must move out on sunday. >> are you going to be moving out sunday? >> well, i'll get arrested otherwise. >> carolyn valentine share their lost and pay $1600 a month. >> it barely covered a leak. >> it's ones they say could, or should have been fixed long before getting to this. >> it's safer living in a tent. under a bridge. >> reporter: the city red tagged the units, saying violations are too numerous to correct with anyone living here. they include dangerous wiring and plumbing and fire hazards
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throughout. >> if that is the sterile city you want, that is your choice, you're putting over 100 working small business owners and creative individuals on the streets. >> just displayed over 100 artists into a situation where there is no housing. >> reporter: an attorney for the company that manages the property told me after renovations, tenants will be allowed to move back in at the same rent they're paying now. that is limb consolation. they tell me they'll spend the rainy weekend packing up and moving out. a proposed new law would get rid of the gender signs in many california bathrooms. if approved, single bathrooms would be labelled all gender. san francisco assembly members
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announced the legislation and say the change would be especially beneficial for the transgender community. >> so we all have to use in our every day life. it's about convenience and fairness, and simply, safety. traffic restrictions are in effect because of the super bowl. you can no longer park your car at vista point or visitor's center. tour buses and ride sharing services are the only options to drop off visitors. >> new, a look over super bowl city.
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this is opens officially tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> the stock market has been on a rollercoaster. we're wondering what to do with the money. >> i can say we're not going to have a recession this year. >> michael finney shares expert advice on what you should do. >> see how much of a difference el nino rains have made on the big drought. >> tracking rainfalling now, spencer christian has the ac
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abc7 news continue to track the three inmates escaped from a prison in orange county. go to our news app for the latest. >> the fed raising rates and stock markets going crazy.
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>> our money, that is why i like these experts. you hear from the big wigs and politicians. what are the economists focused on consumer's money think we should be doing? on the streets of the financial district they're aware that the fed is raising rates and the stock market is on a wild ride. >> i'm not concerned right now but i'm concerned probably 12 to 18 months out. >> really? >> yes. >> so do you stay in? or get out of the market? >> i stay in. >> so what do you do? i spoke with two of the experts focused on financial information for consumers. let's start with david payne. >> the economy is still sound. >> combing right from the start. he says the stock market is reacting to potentially diminishing growth opportunities and drop in oil prices but the u.s. economy, he says, is strong. >> i can constantly say we're not going to have a recession
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this year. and i think that will be good for the stock market. >> this analyst says the economy is strong. he doesn't expect the fed to carry through with rate hikes. >> the federal reserve thinks they're going to raise rates four more times. i see two. maybe three increases. >> with that, mcbride says consumers should consider refinancing. >> any variable rate debt is going to be an exposure, credit cards and adjustable rate mortgages. i expect those to see increases as the year unfolds. >> that brings us back to the san francisco financial district and a wise move. >> i can't fix it. i have to save more money. >> it is widely believed that the stock market is a better place to be than not but there
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are no guarantees. go to and then, select 7 on your side. bank rate and kiplinger are two of my favorite financial publications. >> yes. >> and our rainy season appears to be making a difference. >> we check to see how the drought levels changed in the next few months and we'll have numbers, next.
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we continue to track breaking news, these two escaped inmates are believed to be in the bay area. and they escaped with a third man who turned himself in today. the two may be on the way to the fresno area in a white savannah utility van. enable push alerts to get more updated information and find out
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when they're caught. >> the recent storms have made a modest dent in the droughts. this map you can see here actually shows the current drought conditions in our state. 40% of california is highlighted in red which means that it's under the worst category of exceptional drought. that is a drop of six points in three months. and trinity lake is just 27% full right now. >> well, the water is a welcome sign for farmers but the timing is tough. the last storm halted the citrus harvest at the sky valley ranch. >> we couldn't pick them on a timely basis. >> crews have to wait before the mud drys and sand has been trucked in to help.
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growers welcome rain and hope it will dry out all of us. >> we had a few days to dry out. >> we did. >> here is a look at the last hour of live doppler 7 hd's looping. and to the east bay, getting light rain and there is a winter storm warning in effect from 7:00 this evening. and winds may gust above 50 miles per hour at times. and projection for snow up to about a foot of snow near the bake and across the state, lots
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of showers and snow over in the sierra. it will be unwinter like. in the bay area, clear skies and highs in the 50s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. our next rain event is a south bay event. >> we're going to talk football. >> that is right. >> raiders. >> and the raiders are touring vegas and we know where the chargers are going. to l.a. and san diego. yes. it has a decision that has some fans saying huh? sports is coming up next. and michael finney hosted a health care hot line to answer questions. the deadline to enroll is sunday, january 31st. you can find answers on
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good evening, mark davis tours las vegas, we have learned
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the chargers have agreed with a deal to move in the rams in inglewood and staying in san diego and perhaps permanently. huh? chargers owner has a year to figure out whether he can get a stadium built in san diego. they have a year to commit one way or another and try to cajole officials to kick in money for people to vote for that. so another year of limbo for the raiders. i bet you anything, if the chargers stay in san diego, mark davis will be in los angeles at the speed of light. as for super bowl 50, the panthers held a final practice before heading to drizzly california. juan riviera leads carolina into the bay area and telling his squad to enjoy the trip. >> this is about super bowl 50.
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and i told them, embrace it, enjoy it, live it. >> to hoops now, a top shooter and the leader of the team. sounds like steph curry but the answer is also devon watson of the university of san francisco dons. collin rush has the story. >> that is right. devon watson is just a sophomore and has become the west coast conference version of steph curry. >> i try to do things i see that he does on his level on my level. >> he's been doing a good job of it. 2, 30 plus point performances
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this season. the coach had a hunch about watson. >> the first time i saw him, he was really good. he had a ability that we felt we can continue to guide and teach that you can have a special player and he's starting to become that. >> have you surpassed expectations? is this what you've envisioned. >> just have had to learn. >> watson is a quick learner and has become the go to scorer in crunch time. >> why number one? i just showed number one and wanted to be number one at everything i did. >> in san francisco, abc7 sports. >> we had to share this video
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with you. the warriors are in philadelphia and they lowered two clip boards on a string and steph is stuck up here, help me out. father and son get autographs and they're fans for life. how awesome. steph curry is an 11. who would wait around? come on. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> that is cool. >> unbelievable. >> coming up tonight at 9:002 escaped inmates may have come to san jose and why they are so dangerous. >> and a tree came down in front of an suv. the other danger neighbors are
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worried about tonight. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. nine days from now, 100 million people will be watching super bowl 50. they'll be watching something else, too. us. the biggest sporting event in america will showcase the host city. though the game is in santa clara, the rest of the action is in san francisco, super bowl city, near the ferry building and the nfl experience. but amid the hype, there is a fair amount of grousing in the city and complaints about the costs, street closures and traffic. i feel their pain. i got twisted around and frustrated trying to get to work but it is a privilege. we can and should be proud to share our community with the hundreds of thousands that will come in person and tens of millions visiting through television. yes, it is an convenience, but also an opportunity to share what makes our home so special with the world. we can probably cope with extra traffic for that. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and
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facebook. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm ashley. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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